We offer a wide range of services for many types of musical instruments and gear. We have a focus on guitars but we can also service all types of stringed instruments. Our current guitar tech Rick Rudica picks up and drops off instruments on Monday and Thursday. A typical guitar or bass setup can be dropped off Monday and can be picked up on Thursday. Unless the instrument has parts that need to be ordered or additional services are added. We are always open to discussing options before an instrument is dropped off for service.  It can be left as an estimate and completed once approval on price has been granted. 

We are also an affiliate dealer for Music & Arts which allows us to take in band and orchestra instruments for service. Any band or orchestra instrument you drop off for repair will be sent to the Music & Arts service center. Once the instrument you drop off we will notify Music & Arts and they will send a driver to pick up the item when they are in the area.


Price List for Guitar Repair

Price List for Drum service

Pro Audio Equipment Service

Band Instrument Service