Brandon Henson began playing music in 1999, and has been an instructor for 9 years in music stores, private studios, and churches. At age 12, while cultivating a love for trumpet playing in concert and jazz ensembles, Brandon began to teach himself to play guitar. During his high school years, Brandon toured two summers on the east coast as the front man of a progressive rock band, participated in marching/jazz/concert band on trumpet and guitar, played bass drum on an indoor drum line, and learned any other instrument he could get his hands on. Brandon’s instruments of experience include : Guitar (Acoustic/Electric/Classical) Bass, Drums, Piano, Ukulele, Trumpet, Baritone, and Vocals (tenor). 

Brandon graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Music Education degree. He is a GPSC certified (K-12) Band/Choral/Orchestra teacher. During his education at Georgia Southern, Brandon studied a wide range of instruments in brass, percussion, and guitar family (including classical guitar). He also studied theory/ear training extensively. Brandon played in jazz combos, concert ensembles, marching band,  with rock/jazz groups, and also led music in several churches. He was also a guitar instructor at Pladd Dot Music in Statesboro, GA, while teaching on his own in his apartment/dorm.

Brandon has a passion for teaching and coaching students to excel beyond their perceived potential. He has experience teaching a wide variety of ages, genres/styles, and is extremely flexible. Each lesson is customized to each student’s needs, so no two students are doing the exact same exercises, songs, or overall track. He never gets tired of seeing students growing and achieving their goals.