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As music education providers we are often asked what age children can start taking lessons. Experience has taught us it is not developmentally appropriate to expect kids under 7 to be successful with traditional one-on-one instruction. But now we offer something for 0-6 year olds that allows them to have fun AND gives them  a musical foundation to build on as they get are older… WeeJam!

WeeJam is designed so that, over time, children can acquire the musical experience needed to:

  • Sing in key
  • Keep accurate rhythm
  • Develop an ear for tonal & rhythmic patterns
  • Experience a variety of different musical instruments
  • Participate in a community musical environment
  • Enjoy music for life!
The best part is that children acquire these fundamentals in a developmentally appropriate, parent/child environment that encourages making music together and having fun. By mixing children of different ages together we see great results in little ones picking up skills from the older ones, and the older ones getting more and more confident in their abilities as they show off what they know.
Each WeeJam class includes a “featured” instrument that children have the opportunity to touch, as well as a “dance party” wrap up. All semesters are 8 sessions and each class lasts 40-45 minutes. Cost is $140 for an individual child, and $70 for each additional sibling. All classes are held at our Decatur location at 2520 N. Decatur Rd.