Pete Lim – Music Lessons

Pete Lim Music Lessons – Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

Pete Lim is a singer/songwriter who’s been playing for more than 20 years and teaching for more than 15 years. Hailing from the Washington DC area, Pete has supported the local scene in his hometown playing with different artists locally and touring abroad, working the production of various shows, and teaching. Having his hand in the different aspects of the music industry has given him a better perspective on teaching and learning music. Pete has years of experience on several instruments including guitar, drums, ukulele, keyboard, bass, and vocals.

One thing that he has learned through his years, is there’s never just one way for someone to learn..anything. With that being said, he is a firm believer of understanding the logics of music and cultivating the creative facets of it as well. Pete teaches beginner bass, piano and ukulele and beginning to intermediate guitar and songwriting.

Note: In addition to individual lessons, Pete  is also a teacher  for the Academy of Music Performance (AMP) an all-ages program that groups students together into bands. In this role Pete’s extensive musical abilities and experience in all aspects of music production have made him the perfect mentor for participants as they learn the distinct skill set of learning to play with others. To learn more about the program or to sign up go here: