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Individual Music Lessons – Atlanta, Decatur
A core service we offer is our music lessons. We employ a team of skilled musicians who love to share their passion.  Our Decatur store offers guitar lessons, bass lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, ukulele lessons, banjo lessons, clarinet, saxophone lessons, and more!

Kids WeeJam Music & Movement Class (Ages 0-6 years)
As music education providers we are often asked what age children can start taking music lessons. Often it is hard for kids under 7 to be successful with traditional one-on-one instruction. But now we offer something for 0-6 year olds that allows them to have fun AND gives them  a musical foundation to build on as they get are older and are ready for music lessons… WeeJam!


WeeJam in action

WeeJam is designed so that, over time, children can acquire the musical experience needed to:

– Sing in key
– Keep accurate rhythm
– Develop an ear for tonal & rhythmic patterns
– Experience a variety of different musical instruments
– Participate in a community musical environment
– Enjoy music for life!

Cost: The cost is $130 for an individual child, and $65 for each additional sibling. Each class lasts 40 minutes.

Academy of Music Performance (AMP) Program
In 2009 Firehouse Decatur launched a new way to experience music lessons – the Academy of Music Performance (AMP). This  program is geared toward students of all ages who want to learn how to perform in a group setting. A public performance at the end of each semester allows the  bands to show off their stuff. This is a great way to go beyond individual music lessons, connect with other musicians and develop  skills needed to play in a band!

Music Lessons l AMP Student Performance

AMP Student Performance

Download the top 10 questions about AMP: AMP Program FAQs

Pictures from a past performance