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Firehouse Guitars and Music is excited to bring our students an alternate way to learn music – by playing in a band! Our Academy of Music Performance (AMP) allows students to go beyond personal instruction by learning how to perform in a group setting. A show at Decatur’s famed Eddie’s Attic at the end of the semester allows participants to show off their stuff!

AMP SCHEDULE – Spring 2018
Please note that orientation and all rehearsals are held at our Decatur location.
February 25th 3PM – Orientation! Meet your bandmates and instructor. Select your “sound,” songs, and the all-important band name. Rehearsal times will also be discussed.
Week of February 26th – Individual instruction begins and will continue for 5 weeks. Non-students will be matched with a teacher (existing students will continue with their current teacher) and work on their individual parts of the selected songs. Students will keep in contact over email and can schedule meetings or rehearsals in the AMP room as needed.
Week of April 9th  – Band practice begins! Groups will meet for 6 weeks to rehearse songs with their group instructor and mentor, Mr. Pete Lim. Topics covered will include playing as a group, songwriting, soloing, and sound terminology. A dress rehearsal will be included during the final week, where you will load in, set up, and go through the set just like at the show.

May 12th- Dress Rehearsal 6:30PM at Firehouse Guitars and Music 

*Saturday, May 19th, 1pm* – The big show! Bands will perform at Decatur’s famed Eddie’s Attic, a music scene staple that launched many local acts including the Indigo Girls and John Mayer. Note the day of the show you will need to allow time for load in and load out. You will get more details from your group instructor closer to the date.

Show Theme
Every show we do a theme such as colors, animals, etc. Each band must pick one song that goes along with the theme. It’s great fun both for the bands, and the audience!

Spring 2018 Theme – Royal Weddings. Why Royal Weddings you may ask? Because Harry and Meghan are getting married on this very day! Song choices may include royal figures such as kings and queens, wedding/bride references, and more.

In order to ensure progress it is required that all participants have the equipment needed to practice at home. Students that do not have their own gear may rent it from Firehouse.

— New Students: $350 (Five private lessons + 6 Rehearsals)
— Current Firehouse Students: $200( 6 Rehearsals)

Tuition covers five individual lessons for new students and group instruction for all participants.

Note —  once you hit submit below please be sure to complete the payment process to secure your spot!

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